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Standard Tower Mount Fitting Kit Contents Arch Hinge System Master Kit
Arch Hinge System Kit
Price: 239.00 /Pr.
Glue & Screw Kit
Price: 65.00 /ea.
Curved Anodized Aluminum Washer Stand Off Kit 2" Diameter Tower Mount Fitting
Standard Stand Off Kit
Price: 79.00 /Pr.
Delrin Fairing Pads
Price: 44.00 /Pr.
1" Clamp on Cam Cleat
Price: 29.00 /ea.
1.25" Clamp on Cam Cleat
Price: 39.00 /ea.
Angle Tie Down Pads
Price: 59.00 /Pr.
Quick Release Pins
Price: 79.00 /Pr.
Specialty Side Mount Fitting
Wire Hole Covers
Price: 49.00 /Pr.
Bolt on Sway Tabs
Price: 79.00 /Pr.
Breakaway/Hinge Fittings
Price: 189.00 /Pr.
1" Pina and Pad system
External Sleeve
Price: 89.00 /Pr.
Two Part Epoxy T-Top Stand off 2" Diameter Tower Mount Fitting Kit for 1" Schd. 40 Pipe
Marine Tex Two Part Epoxy
Price: 24.00 /ea.
Extra Long Stand Off Kit
Price: 109.00 /Pr.