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Rail Clamp 1-1/4" Pair Rail Clamp 1" Pair 9" Stainless Steel Hatch Spring Pair
Rail Clamp 1" Pair
Price: $19.99
Rail Clamps are a direct replacement for Saint Croix Cranes ( SC175 and SC190) upper mount .Also Can be used for a Vairty of applications where needed to sercure items to 1- 1/4 " rail. Rail Clamps are a replacement for Saint Croix Cranes ( SC175 and SC190) upper mount . Also can be used for a variety of applications where needed to secure items to 1" rail . 9" Stainless steel hatch spring . This spring helps hold open a hatch or motor box . Bend spring to release support and close . Secure with four screws (NOT INCLUDED) .
1.25" Clamp on Cam Cleat Pair SCHook1 Caribiner, Snap Shackle LED Deck Lamp
1.25" Clamp on Cam Cleat
Price: $39.00 /ea.
LED Deck Lamp
Price: $59.00
Cam cleat clamps to any 1.25" stainless steel tube by tightening just two screws. Two spring loaded cams secure your line and still allow for easy adjustment. Great for securing lines to your davit system or keeping your block and tackle neatly in order. All materials are made and sourced in the USA. All stainless steel carabiner with welded eye.  SWL 900#s  Same as used in our St Croix Davit systems.   Sold as pairs 18 watt, 6 element LED Deck Flood Light.   Our own private label light.  Current draw only 1.5 amps at 12 volts.  Diecast aluminum housing. Black Powder Coated Finish  Guaranteed for 2 years
Eyebolt Kit "D" Ring Lifting Patch D Ring Lifting Points - PVC
2 Point Eyebolt Kit
Price: $65.00 /ea.
D Ring Lifting Points
Price: $65.00 /Pr.
Two Eye Bolts Mounted on the transom of your inflatable to attach a lifting sling.
  • Kit includes two additional eye bolts that mount on the exterior of your transom for attaching tie down restraints to your inflatable.
Kit contains "D" ring patches that are glued to the bow of your inflatable tube and used to attach a lifting sling.
  • Patches available in either PVC or Hypolon.
  • Kit contains two patches.
  • Patch Diameter is 5 3/4".
  • Glue Not Included.

Kit contains "D" ring patches that are glued to the bow of your inflatable tube and used to attach a lifting sling.
  • Patches available in either PVC or Hypolon.
  • Kit contains two patches.
  • Glue Not Included.

Pigtail Ratchet Straps 5/16" Lifting Lines - 50'
Stainless Steel Pigtail
Price: $89.00 /ea.
5/16" Lifting Lines - 50'
Price: $99.00 /Pr.
A 6" cable that connects to a single pad eye on the face of a RIB storage locker.
  • Pigtail consists of 6" cable, Stainless Steel Ring, and Stainless Steel Carabiner.
  • Sold Individually.
An accessory with a thousand different uses. Use a pair to secure a load in your davits or hold a cooler in place. Every boat owner should have at least a pair of these on board.

  • Straps come in two sizes:
    • 1" wide (25mm) x 6' long (1.83m) black nylon web.
    • 1" wide (25mm) x 9' long (2.74m) black nylon web.
  • Ratchet and hooks are stainless steel
  • Sold In Pairs
Pair of 50' 5/16" Lifting Lines
Lifting Sling 5/16" Lifting Lines - 75' Strongback
Lifting Sling
Price: $119.00 /ea.
5/16" Lifting Lines - 75'
Price: $148.50 /Pr.
Price: $175.00 /ea.
A stainless steel cable sling used to lift the bow and stern of your tender. Sling consists of stainless steel ring, two stainless steel cables of equal length, and two stainless steel carabiners.
  • Available in 13", 15", 17", 19", and 21" Lengths.
  • Use with St. Croix Model #350 & 400 davits only.
  • Sold Individually.
Pair of 75' 5/16" Lifting Lines Stainless Steel lifting bar eliminates the use of bow lifting slings.
  • Provides a lower lifting point.
  • Reduces tension on D rings.
  • Available in 20" & 24" lengths.
  • Sold Individually.
Spare Mounting Kit 5/16" Lifting Lines - 99' Stern Lifting Yoke
5/16" Lifting Lines - 99'
Price: $196.02 /Pr.
Stern Lifting Yoke
Price: $295.00 /ea.
An extra set of upper and lower mounting brackets and rail clamps. Allows use of your crane in more than one location on board.

  • Comes with rail adapters for 1" O.D. Stainless Tubing.
  • 1.25" Rail Adapters sold Seperately.

Pair of 99' 5/16" Lifting Lines This unique mount eliminates the need for separate lifting straps on the transom of your inflatable.
  • Yoke mounts below your motor and does not interfere with its operation
  • Distance from transom to yoke eyebolt is 7 1/2" (19.1 cm).
St. Croix. Removable Crane Radar Extension Little Crane Junior Crane Bundle
Little Crane
Price: $879.00 /ea.
Junior Crane Bundle
Price: $895.00
30" stainless steel mast extension provides a 12" x 12" mounting plate for radar or other accessories. Custom reducer insert allows the extension to be added to both the St. Croix Little (SC17500) and Junior (SC19000) Cranes. Mast extension can be permanently fixed with the use of two part epoxy or made to be removable by through bolting. Some Drilling Required When Through Bolting. Precision engineered and fabricated from stainless steel, our removable cranes lift heavy loads with ease. When not in use cranes take less than a minute to remove for storage!
  • Fixed upper pulley prevents lifting lines from twisting.
  • Lower pulley easily attaches to outboards, groceries, sail bags, dive gear, or any other load.
  • Crane arm rotates 270 degrees.
  • Upper bracket mounts to a rail or bulkhead.
  • Lower bracket can be mounted on a deck or vertical surface.
  • 175 Ib lifting capacity.
  • Spare mounting hardware kits available for use in multiple locations.
  • No tools required for removal.
  • Sold Individually.