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Standard Tower Mount Fitting Kit Contents Arch Hinge System Master Kit Glue & Screw Kit
Arch Hinge System Kit
Price: $249.00 /Pr.
Glue & Screw Kit
Price: $69.00 /ea.
Kayak/Paddle Board Rack kayak/paddle board rack Curved Anodized Aluminum Washer
Clamp on Kayak/Paddleboard Rack
Retail Price $389.00 /ea.
Stand Off Kit 2" Diameter Tower Mount Fitting Clamp Assembly/ Lifting Eye
Standard Stand Off Kit
Price: $89.00 /Pr.
Clamp Assembly/ Lifting Eye
Price: $179.00 /Pr.
Delrin Fairing Pads Specialty Side Mount Fitting 1" Pina and Pad system
Delrin Fairing Pads
Price: $44.00 /Pr.
Two Part Epoxy Adjust-o-Launcher Rod Holder - Clear  - 1 1/2" (AJ30500) Adjust-O-Launcher Five Rod Holder Array
Marine Tex Two Part Epoxy
Price: $29.00 /ea.
T-Top Stand off Mounting Bars Mini Arch Pipe Mount
Extra Long Stand Off Kit
Price: $119.00 /Pr.
Mini Arch Pipe Mount
Price: $899.00 /ea.
Mini Arch Top Mount 2" Diameter Tower Mount Fitting Kit for 1" Schd. 40 Pipe 1 1/2" Schd. 40 Anodized Aluminum
Mini Arch Top Mount
Price: $799.00 /ea.
1" Schd. 40 pipe Fiberglass Panels 12" Anchor Running Light for Hardtop