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"Black Hat" pin seal for removable davit LED Deck Lamp Pair SCHook1 Caribiner, Snap Shackle
LED Deck Lamp
Price: $59.00
Machined delrin part to trim relief hole typically needed under removable davit shoes.   Fit into counterbored hole  and glue in place 18 watt, 6 element LED Deck Flood Light.   Our own private label light.  Current draw only 1.5 amps at 12 volts.  Diecast aluminum housing. Black Powder Coated Finish  Guaranteed for 2 years All stainless steel carabiner with welded eye.  SWL 900#s  Same as used in our St Croix Davit systems.   Sold as pairs
Clam Shell Fitting, St Croix Rotating Davits St Croix Ball Replacement for Rotating Davits Bearing Replacement SC400 Rotating Davit
Clam Shell Fitting for St Croix Rotating Davit System,  used for upper attachment of davit to a rail.  Also used for the Rotating Davit Bearing Assembly Replacement Ball for base of St Croix Rotating Davits, machined from solid 316 SS, with threaded 5/8-18 stud and lock nut.  Direct Replacement for SC488 Davit Systems,  WILL NOT FIT SC400 davit systems with 1/2-13 stud.  See Replacement Kit SCKIT40 Replacement Bearing for SC400 Rotating Davit (1" o.d. tubing size)  two part bearing fits into St Croix 1-1/4" clamshell bracket.   one side has "flat" on bearing flange
SC488 Replacement Bearing SC190, SC300, SC350, S400 head block rebuild kit Ratchet Straps
Replacement Bearing for SC488 Rotating Davit (1-1/4" o.d. tubing size) two part bearing fits into St Croix 1-1/2" clamshell bracket. one side has "flat" on bearing flange Rebuild kit for head block on SC190 Junior Crane,  SC300, SC350, SC400 Davit Systems.   Includes 4 Sheeves for 5/16" line, spacers and axel bolts An accessory with a thousand different uses. Use a pair to secure a load in your davits or hold a cooler in place. Every boat owner should have at least a pair of these on board.

  • Straps come in two sizes:
    • 1" wide (25mm) x 6' long (1.83m) black nylon web.
    • 1" wide (25mm) x 9' long (2.74m) black nylon web.
  • Ratchet and hooks are stainless steel
  • Sold In Pairs
5/16" Lifting Lines - 50' 5/16" Lifting Lines - 75' 5/16" Lifting Lines - 99'
5/16" Lifting Lines - 50'
Price: $99.00 /Pr.
5/16" Lifting Lines - 75'
Price: $148.50 /Pr.
5/16" Lifting Lines - 99'
Price: $196.02 /Pr.
Pair of 50' 5/16" Lifting Lines Pair of 75' 5/16" Lifting Lines Pair of 99' 5/16" Lifting Lines
Ball Replacement Kit for older St Croix Davits with 1"-13 Ball
Everything you need to replace older 1/2-13 ball studs on St Croix 400 Rotating Davits with upgraded 5/8-18 ball studs.  Includes two Ball Stud assemblies with lock nuts,  37/64 drill bit and 5/8-18 tap.  Just remove the davit arm from the socket assembly, remove the old 1/2-13 ball and drill the threaded hole larger, and tap for 5/8-18.